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Something you need to know about C2C TechHub

Why are we your best choice?



Want to keen on growing? Our mentors, internal workshops, and tech talks will help you boost your skills and improve professionally.


Work-life balance

More is not always better. With an open-minded community, we believe that relaxed, fulfilled people are more satisfied and more productive.



Team spirit is a huge deal for us. When it comes to giving a helping hand through challenging projects that have positive impact on people’s lives.

But we have some rules

Stable employment

We will always be with you whether it's sunny or rainy, thunder or storm

Free medical care

In case laughter is not a strong enough medicine

Team parties

Say no with "all work and no play". We regularly go out to blow off some steam!

Great workplace atmosphere

Speaking well of others. Show appreciation. Look at what works

Flexible working hours

There is no need to reset your internal clock - night owls and early birds are welcome

Internal training

We’re all about learning - during training, internal meetings, or even while playing football

Remote work on demand

We have a work-from-home registry policy at the beginning of every sprint


You devote 2112 hours at work per year. We want them to be fun!

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Join us!

Let’s build your career path at C2C TechHub!
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